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  • What is Launch?

    Launch is an OSX app that creates great looking iOS App screenshots

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    Through years of pain and having to hold businesses hands whilst creating and deploying apps we have created Launch to make iOS screenshots look great and appeal to the user without spending days or needing a designer to create them.

    Add extra text to call out specific features within your app and to make clear what the user can benefit from.

    Multiple Themes

    Launch supports multiple themes and both black and white devices to suit your UI style and design.

    These have been carefully crafted and stylised to make your app the centre of attention and to look great.

  • Photos & Videos

    Take a look and enjoy!

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  • How Launch helps

    Fast and Efficient

    Launch makes creating your app submission process easier and faster

    Easy and Relaxing

    Using the built in templates and drag and drop functionality makes Launch very fast to use and you can create great screenshots in minutes

  • Features

    Show off your projects, features, or clients in this section.

    Drag and drop

    Easy to add screenshots

    Using Drag and drop in the app makes it easy and fast for adding multiple images. 

    Export at full resolution

    What was the iOS Screenshot sizes?

    No need to know what the iOS screenshot sizes need to be or in what format, Launch exports in all the formats you need so you can just add them straight to iTunesConnect.

    Multiple Themes

    Lots of options

    Does the default theme not work with your design or UI? Just switch to the next template, and use that instead.

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